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Do you know what your business goals/objectives are but you’re unsure of what you need on the IT side to meet those goals?

Is your current vendor boxing you into a blocked time agreement and making you keep up with a monthly support hour’s allowance?

Are your IT systems unreliable and often going down”?

Whats Your Pain?

Does your current IT provider take too long to respond and resolve your IT issues?

Do you have a staff member handling IT tasks who really should be focusing his/her time elsewhere?

Are your pains great enough to cause you to consider making a change or investing more into your IT solutions?

Considering a switch from your current provider or resources?

Our clients have expressed concerns with their previous providers being unresponsive, reactive rather than proactive and not providing innovative ideas, leading them to ultimately consider making the switch.

Already have IT Staff?

As your organization grows and your needs change you may outgrow your in-house capacity. This does not mean that your staff are not qualified but they may need additional assistance from time to time. An alternative to hiring more in-house staff is our Co-Managed Services which allow you to supplement your existing IT Staff adding additional capacity to your in-house IT team! We can be an additional resource for your in-house IT staff by allowing them to escalate IT issues that they need additional assistance with, providing IT Project assistance and more.

Want more information or ready to become a client? 


Contact us today via chat - just click on the icon, via email

at [email protected] or by phone at 202.407.7070.

Our clients are able to:

  • Understand what IT systems/services are needed to meet their business goals/objectives

  • Eliminate IT pains

  • Maintain control over their IT spending and budget with predictable IT cost

  • Increase or decrease service as needed

  • Understand how their IT systems compare to industry Best Practices

  • Work with our Information Technology Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to strategically plan, budget and gain a better understanding of their IT infrastructure

  • Receive 24×7 service desk support

  • Understand what the cloud really is, and if it’s a good fit for their organization

  • Access our client portal and centrally review support tickets, inventory, invoices, IT projects, reports and more!



Centralized Services

  • Patch management

  • Network Monitoring

  • Server & PC Maintenance

  • Spyware/Virus Protection

  • Workstation Imaging

  • Software Deployment

  • Online/Local Backup


Dedicated vCIO

  • Technology Summary

  • Technology Planning

  • Budget Planning

  • Business Impact of Technology Decisions

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Business Continuity 



    Dedicated Network Administrator

  • Technology Checklist

  • Best Practices

  • Centralized Services Report Review


Customer Support Team

  • HelpDesk Support Team

  • Problem Isolation and Resolution

  • "How-To" questions

  • Customer Portal

  • Third party application support

  • Appliance Support

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