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Administrative Support is Essential to Your Business Success!


BLC administrative services on a consultant basis,  we are both an advisor and a service provider in a collaborative, one-on-one relationship of ongoing administrative support. 

Young Business Colleagues

Beola Le'Shaun Consulting specialize in providing you with the right-hand administrative support and guidance you need to keep your business organized, motivated, humming along smoothly and moving forward. We are agents of your success!

Administrative support is a profession and category of business in and of itself. It is NOT web design, IT or IS Services, bookkeeping, graphic design, desktop publishing, marketing, et al. Those are separate professions and specializations that entail their own distinct training, talents, skillsets and processes, but we can do that too! Explore our Services section to find out how invaluable we can be for you organization! 

As the business owner, 80% of your time should be focused exclusively on planning, strategizing, marketing and development, not to mention working with clients if you provide a professional service. As a business owner trying to do everything yourself costs you 40 to 60% in lost revenue, loss of a work-life-balance, and an exhaustion of hours that you would never get back on your return. 

Already have an admin team? Great! 


As your organization grows and your needs change you may outgrow your in-house capacity. This does not mean that your staff are not qualified but they may need additional assistance. An alternative to hiring more in-house staff is our administrative consulting which allow you to supplement your existing administrative staff adding additional capacity to your in-house admin team! We can be an additional resource for your staff by allowing overflow when they need additional assistance or by providing project assistance and more.

Administrative work is absolutely vital—it’s what keeps your business organized and humming along smoothly. But that doesn’t mean you should be the one doing it. If you would like to discuss how Beola Le'Shaun Consulting can provide Administrative Consulting, contact us vis phone, email, or chat. We would be happy to discuss how we can help you move forward to success. 

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