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Are you a non-profit, small business, new or growing business still trying to figure it all out?  

Beola Le’Shaun Consulting believe that the primary objective in business is to grow it and make it more profitable and results show that working alongside BLC & your dedicated staff help you avoid common bottlenecks and to achieve your goals faster. It is true that sometimes the best guidance and expertise comes from the outside of your organization. A consultant can take a hard and unbiased look at your circumstances and use their industry knowledge and expertise, guide you in the proper design, planning, and execution of your strategies.


As business & administrative consultant providers, we help you define your business by documenting a winning strategy, clear policies, dynamic actions plans, and projects that steer your company towards your clearly defined goals and objectives.

As administrative consultant providers, we work with you and your team, individually and as a team to inspire performance and accountability. We will help you improve your productivity through a step-by-step business processes with the outcome of personalized action plans that are geared towards helping you identify and seize opportunities. 

At Beola Le'Shaun ConsultantIng, we have continually improved the performance of our clients through accountability and focus. We develop signature programs designed with a unique blend of business services, trained and consulting services based off the DMAIC process. (see below)

Our primary aim is to help clients identify their specific needs, develop target strategies and action plan and facilitate change for sustained success. Our services process development, marketing & branding strategies, cash management and administrative services are custom designed to boost your productivity, communication, efficiency, sustained growth, and success.



your customer, their critical to quality (CTQ) issues, and the core business process involved


the performance of the core business procces involved


data collected and process map to determine root causes of defects and opportunities for improvement


the target process by designing creative solutions to fix and prevent problems


the improvements to keep the process on the new course.

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